Set in the center of Athens, ICONIC aims to give your business solutions wherever you are.

Nowadays, creating a webpage or online shop sounds easy, and well, even if you search youtube, you might find instructions on how to make one for free in less than 20 minutes.

So, “why ask ICONIC do that for me?” you might think.

Well, there are free tools to make webpages, but it’s not only that.

What makes us different is that we:

  • First of all, discuss with the client and find the Best and Value for Money Solution for the client’s needs. A website is part of each company’s marketing strategy, and that’s why in ICONIC, we take it seriously!
  • We design a website from the beginning, which gives us the advantage to make it exactly the way the client wants and without using pre-predefined templates. Those don’t give you any flexibility, sometimes are not supported with updates, and are vulnerable.
  • Our websites are fully responsive to any screen or device.
  • We support the website with any updates needed.
  • We provide hosting in secure servers depending on your needs, and we backup daily. Security is our strength and is also the main reason you should choose ICONIC.
  • We focus on SEO and help you win the competition and reach the best results in Search Engines!
  • Our websites are GDPR compliant. We can also consult your business about GDPR in all fields involved and help you comply.
  • We provide you with a secure email service.
  • We connect your webpage with Social Media and fully support you with Social Media marketing and strategies.
  • We can create Ads in both Google network and Social Media depending on its clients’ needs.
  • We can create eshops that are safe, with stock management in real-time, and fully support them with selling strategies and marketing tips. Also, we can connect ads with landing pages and make your eshop sell better.